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About us

My background

I am a young woman from Ham-Nord, a small town located in Quebec, Canada. At 17, my passion for fashion made me leave my beautiful region to pursue my studies in Fashion Marketing in the city of Trois-Rivières. I then headed to the big city of Montreal, where I obtained my bachelor's degree in Business Administration. I then had the chance to work in great Quebec companies such as Aubainerie and La Vie en Rose. However, in 2020, like many of us, I decided to move back in the country. So it was thirteen years after leaving my beautiful part of the country that I decided to come back. Inspired by my new environment, my passion for Jewelry making has evolved in the creation of a new business. This is how Créations Marie-Soleil was born.

A bit more about me

My surroundings define me as a gentle, calm and serene person. Harmony and well-being are at the center of my priorities. 🧘🏻‍♀️I love animals, especially my two cats; Boucle d'or and Luna (whom I love to take pictures of everyday 😻). I attach great importance to the beauty of my environment. It is in everything that surrounds me that I find inspiration for the creation of my jewelry. I'm a big fan of astrology (I always ask people their astrological sign... if I haven't guessed it already 😏). I was born under the sign of Libra, so yes, I'm pretty indecisive! ⚖️ But… once decided, I never go back. I like to be creative in all aspects of my life and therefore to share my vision of life through my creations. That's why I want my jewelry to reflect my core values ​​and beliefs, such as peace, love, freedom and integrity.

- Marie-Soleil💫